Olympus E-P3 Video

The video on the Olympus E-P3 is something that gets mentioned very rarely. Its now full 1920 x 1080 HD video, with AVCHD files. It follows on from the improvements in the E-PL's and is actually now pretty good.

The great thing is the in-body stabilisation which results in very smooth hand-held footage. Though the above sample has been run through iMovie and its stabilisation software, the raw footage is the best I've seen for smoothness. Indeed when shooting video, the live view image looks very stable and you can see the IS really working when you are recording. I shot the whole thing hand-held and was very pleased with the results.

Its another improvement of the E-P3 over the E-P2 and a very useful one.

However it does throw up a problem. The battery life of the E-P3 is terrible. There is absolutely no way that I will be able to go out for even an afternoons shooting with one battery. For a full days shooting I would have to take at least 3 and maybe 4 to be sure. While I think its a good idea for companies not to keep changing batteries, and Olympus do have the same model for all the Pens, its performance has always been poor, and the better screen on the E-P3 is probably contributing to the power drain.