"Leaks" ??

There is this Sony announcement on Wednesday which is supposed to show us the A77, NEX-7, NEX-5n plus lenses, viewfinder etc. However with the amount of "leaks" available there doesn't seem much left to surprise us!

These are just a few.

Some people believe that the manufacturers do this deliberately. But personally having been the cause of a "leak" myself I'm not so sure. I've recounted the story before of how I got a copy of a UK magazine, on subscription which meant I got it a few days early, which had an article on the Leica S2, as then unknown. I scanned the page, put it on the internet, and in a few hours it was everywhere. People accused Leica of doing this deliberately, but they didn't.

If Sony are to announce all this gear on Wednesday, then they will have distributed it to all the review sites, who will have been using and testing this equipment to publish at the same time as Wednesdays launch. Add in all the people who work for Sony and are involved in printing stuff for them and you have an awful lot of people who have prior knowledge of this stuff. 

We will all probably recognise the feeling of bursting to tell someone the "secret" that we know, so its not hard to see how this information "leaks" out. Despite all the non-disclosure agreements, there must be an awful temptation to pass details to the rumour sites out there. I suspect the companies are aware of what is going to happen and probably take account of it. In many ways it builds up anticipation about what is being announced.

I think we will all be VERY surprised if the NEX-7 and A77 DOESN'T have a 24MP sensor and if there is no NEX-5n, Viewfinder etc. The closer to announcement the more accurate the leaks become. Internet viral "leaking" is now part and parcel of building up interest in your products. Manufacturers don't really have to start this themselves as they just wait for it to happen by itself.

Anyway it promises to be an exciting group of announcements and we'll all know soon enough if Sony are about to announce the largest single upgrade of any digital camera. If they do, and they have got it to work well, then I think it will be a major advance. Personally, I can't wait!