The wonders of Rawker


Rawker is freeware raw conversion software for the Mac. 

I've mentioned it before, and I make no apologies for mentioning it again. Its really useful for Mac users because of its dcraw option which lets you have a look at raw files before Photoshop etc. support them.

I was having a look at some G3 raw files yesterday with it and thought I would have a look at how it converted the files from my Nikons.

The answer was, very well indeed. Incredible sharpness, in fact very similar to what I get from the Leica M9 and Photoshop. (I did try some M9 files with it & they weren't so good)

Here are three examples shot with a Nikon D5100 and 16-85mm lens, with 100% blowups.

Nikon D5100 16-85mm

Nikon D5100 16-85mm

Nikon D5100 16-85mm

Very impressive indeed.

It is pretty basic software, and it uses none of the Nikon "corrections" that Photoshop will have. It does struggle with poorly exposed images and is not as good at "rescuing" files.

However as a basic raw converter its very good indeed. I do use it a lot for Olympus m4/3 cameras I use as it converts them very well, but I didn't realise how good it would be for the Nikons. So good in fact that I'm now considering the future of my Leicas!!

If you own a Mac, have a look.