Want to see what a Sigma SD1 can do?

The Photographer Carl Rytterfalk has kindly made some raw files available on his blog here - http://www.rytterfalk.com/2011/07/27/sd1-shangeri-la-raw-pack-4/

To process these you need the latest version of Sigma Photo Pro available here:- 

I've processed a few, and they are very good indeed. Actually thats something of an understatement! The level of detail is something I've never seen before, even on a Leica M9. 
I interpolated a file up to 60MB (21MP) and it still looked incredible.

All of this of course makes Sigma's pricing of the camera even crazier. If it wasn't so ludicrously expensive then they would, I'm sure, have sold lots of SD1's. However they seem to have ignored the lower price = more sales equation. At £2000 I would have bought one like a shot, but at £6000 or whatever price they are going to sell them for, I'm going to pass. A real shame since for what I do it would be an ideal camera.

Have a look, I'd be surprised if you're not impressed


Bob van Ooik has very kindly offered these.
For those who want more RAWs to play with I compiled a list of resources at http://www.x3magazine.com/2011/06/30/sigma-sd1-raws-for-your-pleasure/