Things I like to hear.

"I can't see any difference between jpgs and raw files"

"6/8/10/12MP is all you need"

"My LX5/XZ1/TL500 takes just as good pictures as the Fuji X100"

"You don't need an expensive camera to take great pictures"

"Leicas/Nikons/Canons are overpriced male jewellery"

"Holgas/Lomos/Dianas/Lensbabys/Pin-Hole cameras produce creative images"

"Sensor size doesn't matter"

"If it doesn't have in-body IS I'm not buying it"

"Can you recommend a camera I can put in my pocket for a trip to the Andes?"

"Here's a picture of my cat"

"Here's a picture of what I had for dinner"

"Taken with a 25mm c-mount lens"

"The Pentax Q system looks interesting"

"Taken with the 18-55mm kit lens"

"My iPhone takes great pictures"

"Ken Rockwell says...."

"Thom Hogan says......"

"Here's my unboxing video for the ..... "

"The pink one is cool"

"I never print larger than 6 x 4"

"Why would you want to manually focus a lens?"

"My ..... has 625 AF points whereas your ..... only has 525"

"Nikons suck"

"Canons suck"

"No auto-composition mode is a deal-breaker for me"

"Viewfinders are for old people"

"The art filters are cool"

"The video is useless - it doesn't continually AF"

"Nobody needs 25MP"

"Professionals all use Canons anyway"

"Professionals all use Nikons anyway"

"A 35mm lens is what you need for street photography"

"Is this the Pro version?"

"No weather sealing is a deal breaker for me"

"I haven't actually used it but...."

"Here's another picture of my cat"

"Thats a great picture of your cat"

"I like cats"

"This months challenge is....."

"D3X or Coolpix S9100?"

"Use Nikon lenses on your iPhone"

"Here's a picture of my cat eating my dinner taken with my iPhone"

"Cool - Lomo cameras designed like a sardine can"

"This was taken with the toy camera filter"

"Its still not small enough to put in my pocket"

"DSLR's are dead"

"Available in a range of cool colours"

"There are lots of great pictures taken on Lomos/Holgas/iPhones"

"It gives a different aesthetic"

"What lens for the street?"

"Here's a picture of my neighbours cat"

"Here's a picture of my neighbours cat in the street taken with my iPhone"

"The colour looks too saturated for me"

"Can I shoot my sisters wedding on my iPhone?"

"Here's a picture of my sisters cat, taken with my iPhone"