Sigma SD1 review at Luminous Landscape

An extremely comprehensive review of the SD1 at Luminous Landscape. 

"Resolution is remarkable....  Surpasses (by a small but noticable margin) the Sony A900 and A55 on-screen and at typical print sizes..."
"Not quite in Leica M9 territory though...could be the lenses as much as anything else"
"The Pentax 645D is in another league. The SD1 is no competitor to even the lower end of the current medium format market"

"Let's be frank. The SD1 is ridiculously overpriced. It's a decent APS-C camera with mid-level built quality; at about the $1,000 level. It has neither the features nor specifications of a Pro camera such as a Nikon D3x or Canon 1Ds MkIII, let alone a 5D MKII or Sony A900........"

"As we've seen there really is something attractively different, even somewhat special about the SD1's image quality. People have been claiming this for years with earlier models, and now we see it on a more mainstream model.

Is it magic? No, of course not. Is the SD1 better than any other mid-range DSLR. In terms of function and handling – no. In terms of image quality, it might very well be. And therein lies the quandary.

Its current retail price of $6,900 is clearly indefensible. The SD1 simply isn't, to my mind at least, worth that much money on any objective basis. This price makes it a $1,000 camera body with a $6,000 sensor. Fail.

If the camera were priced at under $2,500 it would sell by the tens of thousands, worldwide, and would likely generate significant new lens sales. At its current price Sigma will be luckily to sell a couple of hundred a month."

A really excellent review and well worth reading.

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