More rubbishing of m4/3 from DxO

Yet another pathetic attempt by m4/3 cameras to compete with an APS-C sensor, according to DxO. This time the E-P3 and G3 compared with the Sony NEX-C3. Just look at the appalling scores they achieve. Why do they bother? Its a wonder they ever sell any cameras at all. Amazes me why anyone ever buys one, they are obviously such an inferior product. I mean, scores of 51 and 58 compared to the Sony's 73. Thats 17 and 22 better!!! So all those people who buy a NEX-C3 can go up to people who bought a G3 and go "Na na na na na - my cameras 17 better than yours!" I've got an E-P3 on order. How will I live with the shame? I'll have to carry it around in a paper bag. Can't let any other photographers see it. Its 22 worse than the Sony. For Sports (Low-Light ISO) its 547 worse!!! Oh my God thats just terrible. I suppose when it arrives I'll have to throw it straight in the bin!