Nikon D5100 - Part 1 - Preamble

Nikon D5100 - Part 1 - Preamble

Nikon D5100 18-55mm zoom. Rode microphone Manfrotto tripod
Nikon D5100 18-55mm Rode microphone. Manfrotto tripod.

I wrote a piece on the Serious Compacts site recently - asking about how people make the decision to buy (or not to buy) a camera, or for that matter any other piece of camera equipment. There were some interesting replies. 

Personally I've always liked to read peoples experiences of working with a camera. I'm less influenced by lab tests and the more real world samples I see the better. I don't photograph test charts and I'm not really interested in how cameras render them. Photography to me is about 2-D representations of a 3-D world and thats what I like to see pictures of.

I also like a review that lasts longer than a few days and thats where the benefit of actually owning the camera comes in. 

So, this review will be undertaken over a period of time and will not be written to a deadline.