Isn't this getting ridiculous? Sony NEX-C3.

This is the Sony NEX-C3 camera. Its the small thing attached to the lens on the left.

From Dpreview - "The NEX-C3, even more than its predecessors, underlines the company's desire to offer this blend of compact camera convenience with large sensor image quality. Despite its larger sensor, the C3 challenges the smallest Micro Four Thirds models in terms of size, with only its kit zoom limiting its compactness."

"Only its kits lens limiting its compactness" !!!!!!!! Only. Truly ridiculous. I had a Sony NEX-5 for about a week. With the smallest lens they make - the 16mm. That had decent handling, but this! No viewfinder, image quality (that I saw in the NEX-5) no better than m4/3. Whats the point? Obviously many think there is one as NEX sells very well.

Well the C3 plus kit lens gets my award for the ugliest and stupidest camera / lens design ever. 

More on the Sony announcements here.

In the light of this and the rumoured forthcoming micro cameras from Panasonic and Olympus, I'm beginning to wonder if CSC's are for me. These "Mines smaller than yours" wars between the manufacturers and the complete disregard for balance, useability and aesthetics are difficult to understand. While there's no doubt that they are incredible in terms of their technology and picture quality, any thoughts about ergonomics seems to be a minor consideration. I said that the NEX-5 handled well, and I was surprised by that. However that was with one prime lens fitted. I've tried NEX cameras with the kit zoom and thats very difficult to handle and use, especially having to hold it out in front of you.

At the moment Olympus and Panasonic make great looking and handling cameras, but for how much longer? I'm beginning to think I should dump the lot, buy another Leica and stick with companies who make cameras for photographers.