Sony a850 - keep or sell!

Sony a850 28-75mm f/2.8 lens

I'm in a real dilemma as to whether to keep this camera. It was never going to be something that I was going to carry around a lot, and it was intended for very specific purposes. I've sort of sold it on ebay. By sort of I mean that someone has "bought" it but I have a suspicion that the sale is not going to go through and I'm not going to get my money. I'm fluctuating between feelings of relief and disappointment over this. If it does go then I will be without a DSLR and indeed an SLR for the first time. This means I would have mirrorless cameras only.

However when I look at the a850 files, they are very impressive. In the end the decision is out of my hands. If the buyer pays up then its gone. If they don't it will probably stay around for a while.

Related to this Sony Alpha Rumors have a piece on the upcoming Sony A77, which seems to be imminent.

This, by all accounts is going to be an incredibly well-specified 24MP APS-C camera, and presumably a lot lighter than the a850. There are also rumours that the same sensor is going to be included in a NEX camera, which is a mind-boggling concept.