Olympus E-P3? / Hatchet job on Sigma by Thom Hogan.

Silver Olympus E-P2 14-42 Kit Zoom

The Olympus E-P2 is due for an update, and there are all sorts of rumours circulating as to what it will be. 43rumors are indicating that Olympus will be coming out with a "Pro" (whatever that means) E-P3 and a "mini" Pen. On another site I put what I would like to see in an E-P3 and what I thought we might get.

What I'd Like
What I think we'll get

16MP Sensor
12MP Sensor

Built in EVF
No built in EVF

Articulated Screen
Articulated Screen

Better Grip
Same grip as before

Much better High ISO performance

Slightly better High ISO performance

Much faster AF
Slightly faster AF

Cleaned up menu system
Same menu system

12mm f/2 kit lens
12mm f/2 kit lens 

I really hope that I'm wrong. However Olympus now seem to be fairly conservative in their upgrades. If they do come out with less than I'm wishing for, I'll probably get one anyway. I just can't resist that retro silver chic!!


On the Tom Hogan site under US$2805 Instant Savings a strong attack on the Sigma pricing fiasco.

A couple of comments:-
"For example, the sample images Sigma has now presented are beyond terrible."

"They claim 30mp equivalence. I'm sure that those are the numbers that they get from test charts, but test charts aren't what we take pictures of. The problem with the 30mp number is those sample images. I don't see a single one that looks like it equals what I get out of my D3x, let alone better it. Heck, most of the Sigma images don't look better than I get with my D5100. So, the published sample images are not the way to sell an expensive DSLR."

Well worth a read.