Andrew Reid on Video and DSLR's

An excellent article by Andrew Reid over at EOSHD on comments from Thom Hogan about how we don't need video enabled DSLR's any more because we have large sensor video cameras now.

I certainly don't agree with Andrew all the time, (The Canon colour issue) but this is right on the money.

I've been saying over and over again that video enabled DSLR's and CSC's aren't a substitute for video cameras, though they do get used as such. Nor do I see much point in the Phillip Bloom approach of sticking all the gizmo's on to a DSLR / CSC to try and make it just like a "pro" video camera.

Surely the great benefit of something like a GH2 or Canon 600D is, its a cheap, simple way to shoot very high quality HD footage. At the same time these cameras shoot great high quality stills. I still maintain all you need is a decent tripod and microphone and you're good to go. I read the endless pieces about rolling shutter and other faults that video on DSLR's and CSC's is supposed to have, but how many people are shooting for TV and the Movies? These cameras offer new opportunities and possibilities to do different things. The idea that it is only the top end of the market thats important is surely ridiculous. 

To me these cameras give all of us the chance to shoot high quality footage for whatever purpose we want. It may be family memories, something we are interested in for the web, photo journalism or even our own creative expression. A GH2, a NEX-5 or a cheap Nikon or Canon DSLR is perfectly capable of that. What in reality is Thom Hogan saying? Is he saying that unless we are producing material for TV broadcast we shouldn't bother? Or that unless we spend a much larger amount on a "proper" video camera then we can't be taken seriously? There's no question in my mind that my GH2 is miles better than some small sensor camcorder. Its capable of a much higher quality output, and looks much better if used in low light. I don't use the video function much but its there when I want it and in the meantime I can use the camera to make my living shooting photographs.

So Bravo Andrew, I'm with you all the way on this. We should celebrate what video enabled DSLR's and CSC's offer us instead of apologising for the dubious and questionable notion that they are not as good as the "real thing".