Making Panasonic colours more like Canon??

Much as I like the EOSHD site and indeed I have it listed here as a site you might enjoy, this is a mysterious post. Trying to make the output from a Panasonic GH2 camera look more like that from a Canon DSLR is a jaw-dropping concept as far as I am concerned. My initial reaction was WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT!!!!! Andrew must be using very different Canon cameras to the ones I've used. 

I read with incredulity - 

"Panasonic's colour science is very technically correct but not as emotionally satisfying as Canon's, here's how to change that.

I've always preferred the more cinematic colour on Canon DSLRs. The 5D Mark II pleased me with it's vivid rich tones, the 7D gives a beautifully warm image, very cinematic and the 600D also does a better job with colour overall than the GH2."

Even more perplexing is his solution, which is to use the Nostalgic preset with a bit of tweaking. I looked at the date, and no it wasn't published on April 1st. So I guess he's serious. He is talking primarily about video and jpgs, but even so. Anyone who has read anything here will know that I bang on and on about Canon cameras and my opinion about what I see as dull, uninspiring colour.

It just goes to show how different peoples tastes and perceptions are. Have a look and see what you think. It is an excellent site, and this is only one in a series of excellent articles. 

Right now I'm off to try his suggestion - you never know!!!!