Fuji X100 - User Experience 5 - Lens and Sensor

In an earlier post I talked about leaving the X100 set at ISO 1600 by mistake. I've been looking at those shots today and a few things emerge.

Here's the out of camera jpg. This is the exif data.

As you can see ISO 1600. The shot was backlit. The following is the red rectangle blown up.

As you see even at ISO 1600 the image has retained good saturated "punchy" colour, there's no CA and fringing whatsoever against the sunlit water and there's virtually no luminance or colour noise. As I said before the picture is shot in good light which always makes high ISO shots look better, but if you look at similar examples from many current cameras, you'll see a much worse result.
(Just to say there's some pretty heavy jpg compression on these, hence the artefacts at the top of the picture)

This next shot is taken indoors at ISO 2500. Its not dark but its not particularly bright either.
Heres the picture.

Exif Data.

And the red rectangle blown up again.

As you see taken at 1/22 sec at f/2 hand-held.

One last example. Taken when it was really quite dark, by the light of one electric bulb the other side of the room. It doesn't look like it but it was really murky.
Taken at ISO 6400.

Exif data.

And the red rectangle blown up again.

Wheres the noise? Wheres the blurred detail? Wheres the lack of sharpness? Add in the fact that these were taken silently on a small light camera and it becomes clear what Fuji have achieved. All are out of camera jpgs with standard noise reduction applied.

No matter what "issues" I might have with the menus and controls I can always find a use for a camera that does this. Remarkable.