Fuji X100 - User Experience 4 - Video and Panorama

Two things the X100 does that I've rarely seen are video and the motion panorama.

First the good news - the video quality is rather good. Sharp and clear. No facility for extra microphone, but for 720p video its excellent. When I get more time I'll see what its really capable of.

Here's a sample on YouTube I shot this afternoon. Watch in HD for best results.

Secondly, the bad news. The motion Panorama function is pretty dire. It works like the Sony version, by sweeping the camera round. Two options are available, 120 and 180 degrees. 21MB and 31MB respectively. Its very glitchy, with lots of out of focus bits and some dodgy stitching. It could be me but its nowhere near as good as the Sony version.

However with all the Sony, Fuji and Samsung Panorama versions theres no real control over what you get. Shooting multi-images and using a good stitching programme gives much better results. 

However heres a couple of examples from the motion panorama function of the X100.

Fuji X100 Motion Panorama

Fuji X100 Motion Panorama

I can see why Fuji included both things, because everybody else does. But does a "Photographers camera" really need them? As I said the video is good but I could have lived without it. I certainly can live without the Panorama and doubt whether I'll ever use it again.

Finally after another days work with the camera I'm getting more familiar with it. There are a few "frustrations" appearing and I'll get round to these soon.