Fuji X100 - User Experience 3 - ISO Comparison

Fuji X100 - ISO COMPARISON TEST 200-12800
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This is a comparison test of ISO 200-12800 shot at f/8 on the X100. This is truly impressive and I've never seen results this good from any APS-C sensor. Even ISO 12800 is usable. Its remarkable and if, as I believe, Fuji make their own sensors, I'm sure other companies are on the phone asking them to make one for their cameras. Whats surprising is the images are still sharp with great colour even at the high ISO's.

Below is a 100% blowup from ISO 6400.

Fuji X100 ISO 6400

An f/2 lens and ISO 6400 gives amazing low light capability. If it did nothing else the camera would be remarkable for this alone. It does however get somewhat ignored in all the fuss about the viewfinder. In fairness the Leica X1 was very good also, but not this good and it only went up to ISO 3200 and had an f/2.8 lens. So welcome to the new discrete low light champion. Yes a D3S is better, but hardly silent or unobtrusive.