Panasonic GH2 and 3 lens kit.

Panasonic GH2 20mm f1.7
Panasonic GH2 20mm f/1.7

The Dpreview review of the GH2 is up at:-
They like it!

Went out with mine plus 14mm f2.5, 20mm f1.7 and 45mm f2.8 lenses.

Panasonic GH2 14mm f2.5

Panasonic GH2 14mm f/2.5

Panasonic GH2 45mm f2.8
Panasonic GH2 45mm f/2.8

Its a while since I went out with the GH2 and native lenses. I've used it recently with the PanLeica 14-150mm zoom, but not with these.

After using the Leica M9 for a while using the GH2 plus the prime lenses did feel like I was using a toy! While I'm mightily impressed with what goes on inside it, and by the images and video it produces, I've always been disappointed by the look and feel of the GH2. Not to mince words I think it looks and feels cheap. I much prefer the GF's and the Olympus Pens. They have a real style and a lovely metallic feel, even the e-pl1. I've never liked the whole G1/G2/GH1/GH2 series, in terms of either design or construction, though as I say they produce great pictures and handle reasonably well.

Maybe the Fuji X100 phenomenon will finally persuade Panasonic to think again about their camera design. If they didn't know already, they surely know now that retro style and cameras that look stylish are very popular. Style and design are important, otherwise every version of a product we buy would look the same. Some would argue that its what's inside that counts, but its not just that. I think we all like to use a product that both functions well and looks good at the same time. I'm afraid the miniaturised DSLR / bridge camera design of the GH2 gives me no great pleasure either to look at or handle. When choosing a m4/3 camera to take out, I have to force myself to pick the GH2, when I'd probably prefer to take the GF1 for aesthetic reasons. However the GH2 takes better pictures, so I go out with that.

As ever, this is a personal view.

There's a rumour that the G3 is going to be different. As I said it would be nice if the X100 had an impact on this, though I suspect it won't.

Panasonic GH2 14mm f2.5
Panasonic GH2 14mm f/2.5

Panasonic GH2 14mm f2.5
Panasonic GH2 14mm f/2.5

Words - David
Images - David and Ann