Japanese Tragedy

As the catastrophic events on the other side of the world dominate our TV screens, our thoughts go to those who have suffered mightily from the power of our planet showing its savage and destructive side. Personally we owe a good deal of our living to the ingenuity and skill of Japanese engineers, designers and manufacturers, and via this blog and other photography sites we have been in contact with many Japanese photographers. 

We offer our profound sympathies for Japans terrible loss and the devastation its people have suffered. We can only hope that nature relents soon and they are able to get on with what will be the monumental process of rebuilding their country.  

To all those who have family and friends in the affected area we offer our wishes and hopes for their safety. In the face of such an immense catastrophe any response feels inadequate and words don't come easy to express the shock and sorrow at the immense loss of life and destruction of so much. 

The world is full of such tragedies but loss of life and damage on this scale and with this savagery is truly unimaginable. We can only hope the worst has past and that eventually there is some hope for recovery from these tragic and catastrophic events.

From us all.