"Canon doesn't need compact system camera"

Interview with the head of Canon consumer imaging in Europe, in the UK magazine Amateur Photographer.


A Quote - 
"The manufacturers that have introduced micro Four Thirds and mirrorless systems have been those that have failed to make a success of their mainstream digital SLR offerings, according to Rainer."

From my interpretation of this it seems Canon think:-
Mirrorless systems were only introduced because other companies can't compete with them.
Mirrorless as a concept is unimportant, its the size of the camera that counts.
They are doing fine with their current cameras, so why do they need to bother.
They seem to think that if they just make their DSLR's smaller that will be what the market wants.

This from a company that has now released four different versions of the same camera, with the same sensor in various different bodies. 550D, 600D, 60D, 7D. They must really like this sensor! Canon are just serving up what they have done for years. Nothing exciting, nothing innovative. Undeniably good value, but nothing to get excited about. Whether this product conservatism will keep them in their dominant position, who knows.