M.ZUIKO Concept lens_1

Olympus show mock-up of future lens. 43Rumors -

Anyone else think these mock-ups and teasers are getting slightly ridiculous?. It could be 6 months before they announce what this lens is and up to a year before its for sale. Lots of these things end up being different anyway. The infamous Sony mirrorless camera with the stuck-on lens being a good example.

I don't really know what these things are supposed to achieve. Are we expected to put our life on hold while we wait breathlessly for this to appear? 

While all this rumour and speculation is undeniably entertaining, the amount of genuine information - i.e. we're making this and it will be available on such and such a date gets rarer. I'm as fond of a good rumour and a lengthy discussion on its merits as anyone, but this constant stream of "vapourgear" is getting a bit over the top, even for me.