Vapourgear 2

M.ZUIKO Concept lens_2

The "announcement" of a "non-product" by Olympus and their mock-up at the CP+ show in Japan seems unfortunately to have had the desired effect. There is much discussion on the forums about what it might be, with people wishing for this and that. It has, as I'm sure Olympus intended, deflected attention away from the fact that they have no new m4/3 products on show there. It also takes a certain amount of attention away from other manufacturers who have announced they will be manufacturing for m4/3.

This "wheeze", probably dreamt up by the Olympus PR department, depresses me mainly because of the reaction to it. The fact that all this internet discussion has taken place means that they can pat themselves on the back. At this very moment there's probably someone sitting in an office in front of a screen logging all the posts about their "non-lens". Every post is probably counted as a success, because its not discussing somebody else's product.

So exactly what is there to discuss? Well absolutely nothing. Experience tells us that very few of these "mock ups" end up appearing in the form they are shown. Car manufacturers and computer companies do this all the time. "The Car of the future" etc. 

I shall of course, as ever, let my wallet do the talking. As of today the only Olympus product I still own is a 50mm f/2 macro 4/3 lens which I bought second hand and is up for sale on ebay. My gradual disaffection with the company and their products isn't going to have them trembling in Tokyo and yes I do realise that Olympus are no different to any other company in how they conduct their business. However at this moment in time they have nothing that I want to buy or use, including the piece of fiction at the top of the page.