Pentax K-5 Black and White

Pentax K-5 15mm f/4 limited lens

A stormy afternoon with moody light inspired me to shoot some video and stills in black and white. Not something I do often. However it seemed appropriate for a gloomy day with only brief glimpses of sunlight. 



All pictures - Pentax K-5 15mm f/4 limited lens

The video was hand held again. Considering the strong wind and my cold hands, the combination of the K-5's IS and iMovie's stabilisation software worked reasonably well. Not the easiest subject matter for hand holding a movie camera but its OK. Some of the footage is a bit shaky and having to hold the camera in a position to see the screen doesn't help. I'm not a great fan of video accessories as I've said often enough, but the Sony HDMI screen would be a useful addition for this.