Good Fuji X100 samples - Michael Reichmann on the GH2

Fuji X100 samples from Quesabesde

Courtesy of 43Rumors there is a link to the Spanish site quesabesde which has some really good samples from the X100. Finally we get some decent samples, other than those on the Fuji X100 website. There are some high ISO samples as well, which as indicated look very good indeed. Up to ISO 3200 looks seriously good, and ISO 6400 seems pretty decent too. ISO 12,800 is a bit messy, but no worse than you'd expect. 

Overall the jpg's are sharp and have excellent colour. Very impressive.

Michael Reichmann on the Panasonic GH2

There's a piece by Michael Reichmann at Luminous Landscape on the Panasonic GH2.

This is a user experience report of two months with the camera. Very positive, as to be expected from his initial review. Well worth a read.

"I have been a fan of the Panasonic GH1 since mid-2009, and it became my camera of choice when needing to shoot video as well as stills. It was flawed in two ways though – poor high ISO performance and crippled video. With the GH13 hack video performance was much improved, but it still wasn't where I and others wanted it to be. We had high hopes for the anticipated GH2 though, and when it started to ship just before the end of 2010 we found that we weren't disappointed.
I won't write too much more here about the video capabilities of the GH2 since I've already covered this in previous reports. Let it be enough to say that with a fast lens (for shallow DOF) it is to my mind the best video capable DSLR type camera on the market. It's the only one that has true 1080P/24 capability, fast autofocus while filming, and numerous additional video related features that put it in a class by itself.
As a stills camera the GH2, like the GH1 before it, has a lot to recommend it, especially its small size and low weight combined with a very likable and full-featured user interface.
This really is the key to what makes the GH2 such a compelling choice in the crowded DSLR marketplace. (I know it's not accurate to call it a DSLR, but it's convenient – so sue me.) There are any number of small APS-C sized DSLRs from other makers whose camera bodys come close to the compact dimensions of the GH2. But, they all feature compromised reflex viewfinders. Of course the size and weight of their lenses systems is also a major factor, and one of the things that really sets the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system apart."