Finally - is this the right combination?

 Sony a850 28-75 f/2.8 SAM lens

Ever since the Sony a850 arrived I've had this feeling that I may have finally put together the right combination of cameras and lenses. Certainly the a850 feels very much like the missing piece of the jigsaw. 

I'm always reluctant to keep cameras and lenses that I don't use, or have to make a special effort to use. Also, though I make a decent living, its not enough to be able to keep everything, much as I'd like to. There is therefore a lot of changing things around.

Since a disastrous European trip when I managed to dump one camera in the sea, roll one down a mountain road and was left with my "spare" spare that had a faulty winder I've always worked on the principle of 3 cameras minimum and 4 if possible. In my film days I ended up working with a Rolleiflex 6x6, A Pentax 645 and two 35mm cameras, a Pentax MZ-5 and MZ-50 for a number of years. At the current time I'm planning to go with a Leica M9, Sony a850, and Panasonic GH2 and GF1.  Thinking about it, it does seem to be quite similar to that film outfit.


This gives me the right mix of quality and convenience, with two cameras that shoot video. The a850 and the GH2 when combined with fast lenses can cope with my low light requirements, which currently are not many. The m-mount lenses for the Leica can double up on the m4/3 cameras, so its a flexible outfit as well. Through all the chopping and changing I've hung on to the lenses that I really rate. The Zeiss 50mm f/2 Planar, Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 and PanLeica 14-150mm zooms have been around for some time. Its taken a while and a fair amount of money to put this together, though the constant selling of fairly new gear on ebay for decent prices and the various tax concessions have made this fairly painless.

My only ??cameras are the GF1, which I might consider replacing with a Fuji X100 and one I haven't shown which is the Pentax K-5. I spent yesterday photographing it for ebay.

The camera and 35mm f2.4 lens are now for sale, though as is often the case, the moment I put it on the ebay site I wondered whether I should keep it. As I've written often enough I've got quite an emotional attachment to Pentax and I do like the K-5 and the lenses I have for it. Its also a very good camera. Unlike the Olympus E-P2, which I kept for so long mainly for aesthetic reasons, despite many reservations about the menus, operation and image quality I have no such problems with the K-5. Its a fine camera and produces excellent images. It is however a duplication of what I have already. Plus if I do buy an X100, selling the GF1 won't pay for that. Also the 4-year old MacBook I'm using to write this is in dire need of replacement. Again its a situation where I'd love to keep something, the K-5, but the sensible option is to sell it. We'll see whether my heart or head wins out!


Shortly after writing this the K-5 sold on ebay which made my mind up for me. However there is a limited edition silver one coming out soon!!
Finally on a completely non-photographic topic I received a rather nice birthday present with the football team I've supported since childhood, winning their first trophy for 48 years. Somewhat unexpected but many thanks and congratulations to Alex and the boys. Its not easy being a Birmingham City fan and success is usually measured by the club not being relegated. Fans of other more successful teams will wonder what all the fuss is about, but us "bluenoses" at last have something to celebrate.