Things to do when I can't take pictures

The weather has been very frustrating lately, dull and wet. There's a promise of something better today and tomorrow and I may finally get out to use the Pentax K-5 for longer than 1/2 an hour.

In the meantime I haven't been idle. But its meant a lot of time in front of a computer screen.


I've managed to edit, caption, keyword and upload 1600+ images in the last week. This is probably a record. Some of these go back to May 2010. Apart from anything else I got to look at some pictures taken in better weather. All of these were uploaded to one library website, which provided me recently with a couple of big money sales. I was beginning to think this was a thing of the past, with most of my sales coming from microstock these days. I'm quite happy to either have a few sales at high prices, a lot of sales at low prices or any combination thereof. Its the final total I'm interested in, so I'm not really concerned as to how its made up. 


The couple from the final wedding that I photographed with Ben got in touch about their digital story book album. This has been nearly 4 months since the wedding. They were very complementary about the pictures and said that they were unable to make the decision as to what to choose and left it up to me. This has been fun and I've come up with a layout that uses a large number of images. Doing this almost makes me think I'd like to do it again. Almost!! Looking at the edited images, I sometimes forget the stress and fatigue involved in getting them. This final wedding was a very easy, happy event and the couple were really nice people. However its not always like that, and when they are bad they can be really bad. It is however going to be a good one to end on.


Also got round to finishing a large-scale video edit of some of some of the industrial footage we shot last year. I've been using this as a learning experience with Adobe premiere elements. I've been experimenting, so there's lots of split screen and swirling boxes!! The finished file looks great but its 11 minutes long and just under 5GB in its full HD version. I'll reduce it in size and upload it to YouTube in the next few days.


Sitting in front of the computer all day I often take a break by looking at some of the rumour sites. I'm particularly fond of 43rumors, mostly because its usually pretty accurate and has some great links. Two interesting posts in the last couple of days were firstly Olympus's multi-coloured E-PL2's -  and the possible imminent release of two new lenses from Panasonic 
These are reported to be a 12-50mm f2.4-3.5 zoom and the often mentioned 25mm f1.4. 



I've also had some time to look at photographs. I've decided to do an occasional post featuring images from photographers I like. The first is from Ric Seet, one of my contacts from flickr. Ric is from Singapore and he does some wonderful nature images. I really like his bird and flower shots, and I've put a post featuring some of them here. He also has some great close-up insect shots, but I'm a bit squeamish about them, so if you want to see those, follow the link. The ones I've featured were taken with an Olympus E-5.

I have a couple of other people I'd like to feature, and I'll see if they will agree to let me link to their images. If they do I'll post more like this in the future.

So, I've not been wasting my time, but I'd really rather be out taking photographs. I don't really count testing as the "real thing" and I'm hoping the weather forecast is right. There's some promising patches of blue in the sky, so we'll see.

Words - David
Images- David, Ann, Ben and Ric Seet