Sony and the 25MP? APS-C Sensor

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Ever since Sony acquired Konica Minolta they have appeared very ambitious in the global camera market. That acquisition has put them into the position where they can do everything "in-house" and that includes manufacture the sensors. From a variety of sources, there are rumours circulating that the forthcoming high-end A77? translucent mirror camera may have a 24/25MP APS-C sensor. Just to put this into perspective, at 300ppi this produces an image of 20" x 13" and a file size of 70MB. It is often said that the increase in MP's for this size sensor has reached its limit. However Canon with their 18MP and Sony with their 16MP sensors have proved this is not so. Panasonic have shown that 18MP is possible for a 4/3 sized sensor, and capable of excellent results, so why not a 25MP APS-C?

In terms of popularity APS-C sensor cameras sell far more than "full-frame" 35mm sized ones. Yes they are cheaper, but there are many advantages, not least that they are capable of using a companies entire lens range. 

There will be those who say that its a step too far, there always are, but if this 25MP sensor does appear, then its hardly in Sony's interest to make it worse than their current 16MP one, and I doubt that it will be.

There will also be lots of those irritating posts from people saying "You don't need 25MP MP's!" These really get my blood pressure going. Who on earth has the right to tell anybody else what they need or don't need? This is supreme arrogance and rudeness.

Its interesting that in an area of such dramatic technological development there are those who wish this development held back, and who are only too quick with their predictions of problems. The good news is that they are almost always wrong. 

I have no doubt that we will see a 24MP APS-C sensor capable of at least what the current 16MP Sony sensor can achieve. Whether we see it sooner or later, depends on Sony's R & D department.