Some recent rumours and news.

Nikon "Pro" Mirrorless -
Whatever "pro" means. Probably "expensive"!! If it looks like a Nikon Rangefinder - I want one!

The story was that Nikon were going to go with a sensor halfway between a compact and m4/3 which I thought was a complete waste of time. If they really are going to go with a top end, probably APS-C system built around either the Sony Exmoor 16MP or their new rumoured 24MP sensor then great. Full-frame would be even nicer. The obvious problem is lenses. How many and how soon. Is the rangefinder picture a hint or clue? They already have the designs for their wonderful rangefinder lenses. Its an intriguing rumour.

 Panasonic redesigning G3 -
Panasonic apparently disappointed with sales of G2 and G10. What a surprise. I've never thought that the "make a camera for every conceivable price point" philosophy is a great idea. Surely a lot of the market for a G2 or G10 is covered by the GF1 or GF2. The G10 also lost many of the things that make the G system so attractive. There's also apparently a plan to make the "G3" closer in design to the Samsung NX10. Hmmmm...... not sure about that.

According to Amateur Photographer -
Sony have moved into 2nd. Place, above Nikon, in sales of interchangeable lens cameras in the UK. Perhaps this explains the top item.

Kai at DigitalRev is not everybody's favourite camera reviewer, but I've always liked his irreverent attitude to kit. This is his take on the Olympus E-PL2.