Is this my new m4/3 wide-angle?

After having so much success with the M-Mount manual lenses. I've been thinking about what to do about a wider lens. The only alternatives that are really wide enough for m4/3 are the Voigtlander 12mm and 15mm. I was thinking this over and then suddenly realised that I may have another option. I already have the Pentax 15mm f/4 limited and Novoflex make a Pentax K > m4/3 adapter which has aperture control on it. This would give me a 30mm (35mm / full-frame equivalent) for the GH2. The difference is shown below:-

The red rectangle indicates what the Pentax 15mm would cover on m4/3. The Whole picture is what it covers on the Pentax K-5 with its APS-C sensor.

Certainly a cheaper option than buying a new lens and it would be interesting to see how all the other Pentax lenses I have perform. The 70mm f/2.4 limited would be very interesting.

I'll order an adapter tomorrow and see what results I get. Now that means I could use the Pentax 31mm, 43mm and 77mm limiteds on m4/3 (I knew I shouldn't have thought of this!!!)