UK closed due to bad weather - Fanboy on YouTube


Its difficult to find somewhere in the UK currently where you don't step out of your front door to see scenes like this. As normally happens when we get any weather that is somewhat out of the ordinary, the country has ground to a halt. Looks great but if you need to get anywhere, forget it.





Panasonic GH2 Olympus 9-18mm and 14-150mm lenses. ISO 160.

Nikon D7000 Trumps Pentax K5

Finally, the face of the "Fanboy". I found this on YouTube looking for some examples of video from the Pentax K-5.

I watched this and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. One comment on the K-5.
"If it doesn't autofocus, what good is it to me?" I'm sure that not many of you realised that the K-5 doesn't autofocus!!!

This man is almost in tears at the thought that anyone could prefer a Pentax K-5 over a Nikon D7000. He uses as his evidence for "Nikon D7000 trumps Pentax K-5" two things. Firstly that on the DxO test scores regarding high ISO noise on the two cameras, the Nikon scores 1167 and the Pentax scores 1162. Wow!!!!!! Game set and match to the Nikon. Game Over!!! Consign the Pentax to the bin!!! DxO scores are so reliable aren't they? This is after all a .4% difference!!! Though what these numbers are actually measuring is anybodies guess.

His second piece of evidence is that the Pentax K-5 doesn't autofocus fast enough. He cites as evidence of this that he owned a Pentax K-7 and he couldn't get it to focus on his children. Well having had a K-7 myself and being perfectly able to use auto focus with it, this probably says more about him than the camera. I used it for a wedding, and seemed to remember all my shots were in perfect focus, but hey the guy must know what he's talking about, he's on YouTube!

The pleading desperation of the whole thing is just embarrassing to watch. My reaction to it if I was deciding to buy either a D7000 or a K-5 would probably be to immediately go out and buy the Pentax! on the grounds that D7000 enthusiasts seem to have the I.Q of a gerbil! They don't but this guy does Nikon owners no favours.

This football supporter attitude to camera ownership is sad, dispiriting and bewildering. Camera brands are not sports teams. They are not tribes, gangs, ethnic groups, religious groups or political parties. We should be tolerant of others views and beliefs as a matter of course but this doesn't seem to apply to DSLR's. It used to be said never argue about Politics or Religion, we can now add what brand of camera you own to those.

To say that things like this are pathetic is to state the obvious. But unfortunately it keeps on coming. The internet is truly a wonderful place to get information on anything at all, but its also a repository for ignorance and stupidity and a forum for the self obsessed and deluded. In the scheme of things this is a particularly harmless example, its not as though he's advocating violence or promoting bigoted views, he's just a Nikon fanboy who seems to be totally lacking in any kind of awareness of just how ridiculous the whole thing is.

I know I should just ignore stuff like this, but I can't. It rears its ugly head all over the internet. You look around for information to come to a decision about something you are looking to buy and things like this pop up. About as useful as an ejector seat on a helicopter!