Sony A55 - Hand Held Video

Watch in 720HD via YouTube link:-

As mentioned yesterday I shot some video with the Sony A55 alongside the River Avon in Warwick. As before this was entirely hand held. It was edited in iMovie and the clips were stabilised again using the software. For the most part the 18-55mm kit lens was used but the two sections below were taken with the 85mm f2.8 SAM lens. 

The level of stability for hand held operation is remarkable. While most of the movement is pretty slow and I'm not attempting anything too ambitious, its still an impressive result.

The addition of full manual control would make the A55 a very good video camera indeed. Its a shame that the Super Steady Shot stabilisation system causes the camera to overheat, but it must be working very hard to get results like this. Hopefully I will get to use it in warmer conditions at some point and I'll report on how it copes with that.

This may be the last A55 post for a while as, if the post office can battle through the weather, my Panasonic GH2 should arrive today. I will be concentrating on that for a while. At some point in the future I will be doing a head to head comparison between the two cameras.