Pentax K-5


Picked up a Pentax K-5 yesterday. After lots of indecision and looking at samples I decided to go with the Pentax. Haven't really had much chance to take many pictures with it but the handling is superb. 

What really doesn't come across in pictures is how small it is. I bought it with the battery grip as this gives a better feel, which I discovered with the K-7. Even with this fitted it still isn't heavy or bulky. It reminds me of what SLR's used to be like before this bloated NIkon / Canon bulk has become the norm. It really is a pleasure to hold, with a beautifully designed handgrip. Pentax have always been good at this, and my favourite handling cameras have all been Pentax. 

A few test shots revealed that this is not the K-7. This camera has a variant of the Sony Exmor CMOS sensor also used in the Sony A55 and A580 and the Nikon D7000. Its a lot better than the Samsung one from the K-7. Much sharper, cleaner images. Really good up to ISO 1600 and then things get a bit noisy, but still very useable. 

Nice fast AF and motordrive. As per usual I set the AF to centre spot only. How a camera thinks it can predict what I'm going to focus on, I have no idea. Face recognition is OK, but none of the multi-point systems I've ever used work for me. I find it much quicker to have one centre AF point and re-compose if necessary. 

To me, its everything a DSLR should be, and the K-5 restores my faith somewhat in the concept. I've only had it a day & it feels like its been around for years. Its built like a tank, but not heavy and bulky, though its obviously a lot chunkier than m4/3. I was only able to shoot indoors, but the test shots looked fine. Very similar to what I get of the Sony A55, but then thats what I would expect. More testing to come over the next few days, but its looking good so far.