Panasonic GH2 - Part 3 Real world Tests 14-150mm Leica Panasonic Vario Elmar


If the 14-42mm is the bread and butter lens here comes the caviar. Beautiful sharp results. Better than I had hoped. 


This weather is good for assessing the dynamic range of the GH2 and I think its very impressive. I haven't encountered any highlight burn-out yet. There's also very little CA and fringing on the shots with this lens. I realise that this is far from an everyday lens for m4/3, but its virtually my stock lens and certainly the one I use the most. The only disadvantage is that it seems to focus slower on the GH2 as opposed to the GH1. Strange!



This is real quality stuff. 16MP and 46MB files. There was a rumour that Panasonic didn't really want to increase the size of the sensor and only did so to satisfy the perceived desire of the market for more MP's. Don't believe a word. This is a superb sensor and they should be rightly proud of it. It outperforms many of the APS-C sensors I've used by some distance. Incidentally I processed the following shot in Rawker (dc-raw) software as well as the Photoshop version shown here. It was almost identical, showing that this is a genuine sensor improvement and not some "software fix". Very impressive indeed.



Because of the freezing conditions, I am doing these in short bursts, with regard to my fingers!
I'm saving the fiddly stuff with lens changing until it warms up tomorrow - hopefully I can get one more trip in today.

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