Panasonic GH2 - Part 2 Real world Tests 14-42mm kit zoom


I decided to have a look at the 14-42mm kit zoom for the GH2. This is a new lens for me. I've used a 14-45mm but never this cheaper lighter version.

14-42 tests-007

It's an OK lens. Wide open its pretty ordinary, a little soft with a lack of bite. From about f6.3 onwards it starts to perform much better, and f8 - f10 it produces very good results. Its a decent lens for video as it has a very smooth AF performance but for stills I'm not sure I'll use it much with the GH2. It sits nicely on a GF1 and I will in due course try it out with that.

14-42 tests-004

It would be a real shame if people bought a GH2 and just used this lens with it. As will be seen in the next batch of tests the possibilities that better lenses bring to this sensor make it almost a crime to use this lens alone. However its not as bad as some make it out to be. To my eyes its not that much different to the 14-45mm or the Olympus 14-42mm.

14-42 tests-013

14-42 tests-002

14-42 tests-016

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