Which camera took what?

I've put a set of 8 pictures on flickr:-
4 m4/3 camera comparison - a set on Flickr
Taken with 4 different cameras - Olympus E-PL1 & E-P2, Panasonic GF1 and GH1.

All at identical settings. 

20mm f1.7 lens
1/15th. sec  
Standard jpg. 

The RAW files are all developed in Rawker (DCRaw) software at identical settings. The jpgs are straight out of the camera. 

Can you tell which is which? "Answer" here tomorrow.

The point to this is that I've recently bought two camera / lens kits in order to get the lenses at a cheaper price. I currently have four m4/3 cameras, and I want to be left with two. I had an idea of the two that I wanted to keep from trying them out and this test was to confirm that under reasonably controlled conditions. There are software adjustments that can be made using the native software or Photoshop, but I tried to make as objective a judgement as I could.

The test did confirm what I felt about the best cameras for me and consequently two are headed for ebay.