Current camera situation.

I hate selling cameras. Coming from someone who changes them on a regular basis, that may seem surprising. But most have their virtues and like many photographers I like to pretend that its the pictures that are the important thing and the camera is just a tool, but in reality I'm very fond of the "tools" as well.

Currently sitting on the shelf are:-


Canon 7D 28mm f/1.8

Despite all my ambivalence towards DSLR's and Canon in particular, its an excellent camera. Bought in the summer to handle the last remaining wedding bookings, it is an excellent "tool". That is really how I see it. I have the greatest admiration for Canon and what they can put into a camera for a reasonable price, but its not a camera I want to pickup and take out. Whether or not enough commercial work comes up where it gets some regular use I can't say and I'm not actively seeking that at the moment. I would like to use it more and there is some industrial video work to be completed soon and I will probably use it for that. Whether or not I keep it afterwards is open to question. 


Canon 550D 10-22mm Zoom

Very much the same comments as per the 7D. There is a possibility that this may "move sideways" and end up with my colleague B, who is currently doing a lot of video work and shooting more and more stills, so could give it more use. Though again its not a camera I have any great desire to pick up and use it is a seriously good camera. Fantastic spec. for the price, and if you can live with the build quality, a tremendous camera for almost every kind of work. I can't think of another DSLR that does what it does for the price.


Leica M9 Zeiss 21mm f/2.8

My "treasure". Peerless image quality and a joy to use. Looking at the pictures I have taken with it on the screen still produces that "wow" moment. The only drawback is my "kid gloves" attitude to it. Having dropped and damaged my M8 earlier this year, I'm very conscious of what I'm holding in my hands. The current Leica special editions, the Titanium and Ostrich leather M9's pose an interesting question. Will anyone ever actually take a picture with them?

The sensor cleaning has meant that I'm using my full range of lenses with it again, and so far the dust spots are under control. Destined to be around for a long time.


Leica X1

My carry everywhere compact camera. Its so small and light that this goes with me everywhere and is also my backup camera on all my landscape trips. Not the quickest but again incredible image quality and superb in low light. My only concern is that it isn't the most user friendly camera around. The Fuji X100 looks a lot better thought out, though like everybody else I've yet to see what its image quality is like. I would only consider it if it at least equalled the X1 in this regard, which isn't easy.


Panasonic GH1 Olympus 9-18mm

Soon to be replaced by the GH2. It may go off to ebay, or after my clumsiness in dropping it and reducing the resale value, may stay around as a video camera within the company, if we can ever pluck up the courage to do the hack. That really depends on what the GH2 video output is like. 

A camera thats had a lot of use. It and its companion that belongs to B, have done the bulk of our video work, for which its far more user friendly than the Canons. As is well documented here, I'm an enormous m4/3 fan. Sometimes this enthusiasm leads me to overlook some of its shortcomings, but I keep coming back to use it time and time again.


Olympus E-P2 Leica Vario-Elmar 14-150mm

If the 7D is a camera I bought with my head, the E-P2 is one I bought with my heart. I'm constantly frustrated by the fiddly controls and menus, and in many ways the GH1 is a better camera to use and probably has the slight edge when it comes to picture quality. But love can be blind!! Maybe I should just put it in a glass case & look at it!! Fitted out with its leather case and strap it looks to me like everything a camera should. If I could only ever have one camera, this would be it. Will only ever be replaced if Olympus release an E-P3 which looks at least as good. 

So thats the current list. I haven't actually sold a camera for a while and apart from the GH2 there's not a lot on the horizon to tempt me. The Fuji X100 and Sigma SD-1 look interesting, but won't be around until next year. So at the moment I'm pretty happy with what I've got. However those who read this on a regular basis will know thats no guarantee of anything.

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