There was a time when National Geographic Magazine encouraged their photographers to include something red in their pictures.The idea was that we are very attracted by that colour.
They don't do it anymore but there's no denying the impact of a vibrant red object in a photograph.



samsung NX10

Samsung NX10 30mm f2

On the subject of National Geographic, I only seem to get to read it in the dentist, and every time I do I'm seriously impressed by the standard and scope of the photography. It rightly has a reputation for some of the best images around, often of remote and inaccessible places. I keep thinking I should get a subscription, but I never do. Perhaps its something to do with the sheer quality of the images and the difficulty of obtaining many of them. Many of them make me feel somewhat inadequate. I realise that their photographers get access to amazing places and extraordinary events, but comparing my own work to many of the breathtaking images that they publish can be quite dispiriting. It is inspiring also, there's no doubt of that, but since I'm never going to visit the majority of places that they photograph, it just makes you realise how little of this planet most of us get to see.