Panasonic Lumix GH2 announced

Its finally been announced. The GH2 has arrived.
Preview at Dpreview -
Sample shot with 14mm f/2.5 lens -

So thats today taken care of, finding the UK dealer that will take my pre-order.

Lots of improvements on GH1.

Image sizes - 
4x3 is 4608 x 3456 16MP > 45MB
3x2 is 4752 x 3168 15MP > 43MB
16x9 is 4976 x 2800 14MP > 39MB
1x1 is 3456 x 3456 12MP > 34MB

I love shooting in 16 x 9 and now there will be just under 40MB of those. Makes the square option useful too.

Better video options, Better body grip (rather tasty silver and black finish too) Faster AF, Better screen, Higher maximum ISO, 5fps burst rate. 

Basically if you're looking for the closest that you can get to "Pro" m4/3 this is it. Panasonic have obviously taken note of how the GH1 has been used, and the fact that many of us have been using it as a work camera for both stills and video. They have upgraded accordingly. 

The increased pixel count is very useful to a stock photographer like me. It makes using the 16 x 9, 3 x 2 and even the 1 x 1 options a real alternative. All the other "go-faster" tweaks should hopefully prove to be equally useful. I suspect that this is the camera that finally takes me into non-DSLR territory on a permanent basis. With the work that I do, and having just given up shooting weddings, I can see the GH2 giving me pretty much everything I need. M4/3 started off as an "interesting concept", moved into "hey these cameras are really good" territory and may now be on the verge of  "why am I carrying this DSLR around anymore?" I'm already at this latter point and have been waiting somewhat impatiently for the confirmation of the internet rumours about the GH2. 

In terms of what I shoot on video, it should also prove to be an improvement. I'm not going to be shooting broadcast standard HD television programmes for the BBC, or make movies on it, so its perfectly adequate for my needs. To be honest the GH1 was fine anyway. The commercial video work I (we) do is geared towards websites, DVD's and presentations. The GH2 is going to handle that ease, as well as being much easier to use than the Canons I have at the moment. 

With the GH2 I will have access to the largest range of lenses possible. With adapters you can put virtually anything on to the front of a m4/3 camera. Panasonic have introduced two more lenses to their range today. A 14mm (28mm 135 equivalent) f/2.5 pancake lens that apparently weighs 55g and looks like a thick lens cap and a 100-300 Image stabilised zoom that weighs 10x as much as the pancake but gives a 135 equivalent of a 600mm f/5.6. Whether or not I consider these lenses is doubtful as I have a good selection of lenses for my m4/3 outfit including of course my M-Mounts. I will be getting the Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 as soon as I can get my hands on one.

All in all its pretty much what I was hoping for, and ticks lots of boxes for me. Its just a question of waiting till I can get my hands on one.