Panasonic GH2 - The blurring of the boundaries?

The above is from the 43rumors site. The following is written on the assumption that this is true.

Of all the new camera announcements and rumours before the upcoming Photokina show, the one that excites me the most is this one. As an enthusiast for micro four thirds and having used it extensively for all my work over the last 18 months, this camera, if the rumours are true, is pretty close to a perfect camera for me. 

It could well signal the end of DSLR's for me. Particularly after hauling a Canon 7D around a wedding yesterday.







My co-photographer was carrying a GH1 as a second camera and produced some great images with it.

All above images - B

We've been using m4/3 cameras as video cameras and back-up still cameras at all our weddings for the last year. They work just fine. With the rumoured GH2 improvements, 16MP > 45MB files, improved AF speed, burst speed of 5fps, high ISO up to 12,800, this is top of the range DSLR performance from not so long ago. Its also a further blurring of the distinctions between cameras. After all, the reasons these cameras are so small and light is the lack of a mirror, not because they are inferior in terms of image quality, something their critics seem to overlook. Sure m4/3 has a smaller sensor, but look what Canon can do with APS-C, there's no reason why Panasonic can't do the same. 

If the GH2 does what 43rumours claims it will, then I have no reasons left to torture my back carting around 1.5-2kg of DSLR equipment. I only use this stuff for events anyway. A pleasure its not! To become my primary camera for this kind of work m4/3 needed to improve a few things, it seems that may just have happened. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday. Hoping that the 43rumours intelligence network has done its job. 

Just to finish off by saying that if people are happier and more comfortable using a DSLR then there's nothing wrong with that. Its just that personally I'm desperate to shed this bulk and weight from my photographic life. I've eliminated it from my stock and landscape work and to have this lighter, smaller yet quality option available for my commercial and event work would be bliss. 

I await the GH2 announcement with anticipation and optimism. Don't let me down Panasonic.