New Gear

In the run up to the big show at Photokina this year, announcements are starting to appear. The Olympus E5 has been announced today. No modular camera, nothing really exciting, an upgrade to the E3 with movie function and the Panasonic 4/3 sensor. Amateur Photographer suggests this may be the last 4/3 camera ever. Price is £1500, $1600, €1600, which strikes me as pretty expensive for a DSLR that is inferior to a lot of Canons & Nikons. Yes it may be weatherproof, but compare the specs. of this to a Canon 550D and you'll see what I mean. Add on the cost of Zuiko lenses and you pay a premium for owning Olympus. A huge disappointment and I feel they really have to come up with something radical to get any real interest in their cameras away from m4/3. They need to find another home for those wonderful lenses.

Interesting little compact NX100 from Samsung. I liked the NX10, but ultimately used it less than m4/3. Knowing Samsung this will be competitive on price.

Finally, a rumour about the possible entry of Canon into mirrorless cameras.

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In response to this I wrote:-

"It may be true, it may be not. It may be Canon getting some reaction in the next few months. The specs. are great. Who wouldn't want them? However whatever the outcome, its not going to be here for a while, at least a year probably. In the meantime, everybody else carries on improving and adding to their lens collections. M4/3, Sony NEX, Samsung NX will all have new stuff out by then and announced. By the time Canon get into this, and something reaches the shops I suspect I will be using a 16MP GH2, with a Voigtlander 25mm f/O.95 and shooting video with an improved codec.
Will the release of this reputed new Canon system make me rush out and buy it? Who knows, but I've been using m4/3 for some time and my system is expanding and improving and if the GH2 rumours are true, this new Canon system, if it works, if it produces the goods, if its not too expensive, still won't be streets ahead of what I should be using at the time.
If Canon thought that it was a priority & that things like m4/3 were taking sales away from them, wouldn't they have something announced by now? I have no idea, I'm just asking. They have been muttering about doing something for a while, at the same time making some fairly patronising comments about m4/3 and the like. In the meantime I and many others have just been getting on with it, and taking pictures and shooting video.
The old cliche of the best camera you have being the one you have with you was never more true. A lot of the time for me its an E-P2 or a GH1. Give me 18 months and it may be a different answer. We wait and see."