Reading a copy of a photographic magazine I subscribe to, it had almost the whole issue devoted to HDR images. I've always been somewhat underwhelmed by HDR. Firstly because it looks unnatural, and secondly because I think many of the results can be obtained by working in Photoshop.

The top shot is from a Panasonic GH1 fitted with Leica Panasonic 14-150mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom and is a panoramic stitch from 7 separate images. It required a bit of darkening of the sky and lightening of the foreground. Nothing more.

The following are two Leica X1 shots.

The first is the out of camera jpg.

Leica X1

The second is the same file converted from raw and worked on in Photoshop.

Leica X1

Pretty much how it appeared in reality.

Neither shot was complicated to to achieve. There may well be pictures where HDR works well, but I haven't really seen that many. 

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