Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 lens announced

See the link at 43rumors.

Around 6 months ago a campaign was started to try to get Voigtlander to produce lenses in m4/3 mount,
http://www.flickr.com/groups/1084614@N23/discuss/72157623415414394/ which I participated in. Though I got a very non-committal reply from Voigtlander,

Thank you for your email and your suggestions in making lenses with
MicroFourThird mount.

There are no plans as of yet and we can not forsee the future, what will
happen next.
All new items will be presented on our website though, so please follow up
with it.

We hope we have been able to help you.

Kind regards

i. A. Petra Meredith
ein Tochterunternehmen der RINGFOTO Gruppe

it seems that they were either thinking about it already or they did take note of what people were saying. After a very short series of rumours this got announced overnight. An ultra-fast manual focus standard lens for m4/3 by a quality lens maker. More details:-

If this is true then both the minimum focusing distance and weight specs. are good news. I've used a lot of Voigtlander lenses and if this lens does exist and is up to Voigtlanders usual standard then its an exciting development. If it also means a the start of a range of lenses from Voigtlander then even better. Surely it makes sense for them. More people own m4/3 than own Leicas and other M-Mount cameras and moving into m4/3 this gives them a much larger market to aim at. 

Certainly this is a lens I'd be very interested in. Just so long as its not some re-badged c-mount lens like the Noktor. Knowing Voigtlander I'd be surprised if it was however. It will be interesting to see the official announcement.


There's more info at:-dc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20100826_388358.html

This is the Google translation - which actually doesn't help much!!

However I love Maikurofosazukamera.
Interchangeable lenses and the first dedicated Koscina Maikurofosazukamera. The standard "Micro" Maikurofosazurenzu also be available from the manufacturer's first non-Olympus and Panasonic were formulated. Olympus 26, to the effect that agreed standards Koscina Micro has announced the Web site.

According to the Koscina The Micro mount adapter for pre-release (compatible with Nikon F mount, and Pentax K-mount compatible) production and release of the license at this time. "Aims to make products more reliable, authoritative described as a blessing to "he said. Fokutorenda? Different plans and products under the brand Carl Zeiss optics on the pending deployment. For Micro and about yesterday, 26 "SL" "ZF" such as names and misunderstandings as the format.

35mm equivalent focal length 50mm lens size will be considerably large 径単. F0.95 open F value, the brightest lenses in Koscina released so far. Currently as F0.95 lens, the Leica "Nokutirukkusu M f0.95/50mm ASPH." Are known. In the most open ever bright for Micro Lens F value is addition, Panasonic "LUMIX G 20mm F1.7 ASPH." Has become.

Optical system is designed specifically for the new Micro Four. Koscina said in a digital camera with interchangeable lenses Micro even a relatively small sensor size, F0.95 has been blurred to be able to increase the brightness of the background.

The focus MF. Employing a precision metal helicoid withstand severe focus at full aperture. MF sense that it also features a unique operation of the lens focus ring with grease. The total metal barrel.

Minimum focusing distance is 0.17m (1:3.9 maximum magnification photography), so that you can also use a macro lens and large aperture. Lens Construction 08 group was 11 shots. Imaging performance and the ultimate in using high refractive index glass. The iris 10. The size is 58.4 × 70mm (length × diameter). Weight 410g. The included lens hood


Olympus have confirmed Cosina have joined m4/3.

Two interesting phrases from the Olympus announcement.

To coincide with this announcement, the company is releasing interchangeable lenses compliant with Micro Four Thirds System standard.

Lenses? Plural??

With COSINA CO., Ltd. coming on board, consumers will now be able to take advantage of the company's unique traditions and advanced optical technology as it will now be possible to use Voigtländer and other renowned lenses with any camera compliant with Micro Four Thirds System standard.

Other renowned lenses? Cosina already make Zeiss M-Mount lenses so does this mean ?Zeiss lenses for m4/3