Taking Stock

With the weather remaining gloomy and unpromising for landscape photography, I took this opportunity to get some of the backlog of images edited. At the same time to make an assessment of what cameras work well and what might be heading for ebay, since we currently have 9.
The following are on the keep list.


Leica M9 Zeiss 50mm f2 Planar

Still the ultimate in image quality. Even though we may restrict this to one lens to counter the dust spots, it produces the best files we have ever seen.


Leica X1

Small, light with great image quality and excellent low light high ISO capability. Too useful to ever consider being without.


Canon 7D 28mm f1.8

Excellent pro-spec camera for stills and video. For events and commercial work. The more we use this camera the more we like it. Despite the weight, size etc. It just does the job and we always have a need for a camera like that.


Canon 550D 85mm f1.8

As above, but in a smaller, lighter, slower, less sturdy package. Useful as a back up to the 7D, and also as a landscape/location camera in its own right.


Panasonic GH1 Leica 14-140 Zoom

In our opinion still the best m4/3 camera. With its video capability and ease of use, we find we are coming back to this more and more in preference to the admittedly more aesthetic Olympus Pens. These look gorgeous but are more fiddly to use than the GH1. We also use the Leica 14-150 4/3 zoom as our m4/3 lens all the time, and this works and handles best with the GH1. The quality of this lens has meant that we have stopped using the majority of the other lenses we used with m4/3, including our M-Mount lenses. Our m4/3 outfit may soon consist of the GH1, the Leica zoom and the 20mm f1.7 lumix for speed. 

So what's on the for sale list and why?  Watch this space.

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