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You may have noticed that there is no longer a link to a certain website here anymore. I was involved with that site for a short while, but that has ended. The site in question now has a relationship with a US retail store. There are links all over the site to that store, including "advisers" from the store who will answer questions. Large amounts of photographic equipment from that store has been sent to the sites owner, who is reviewing it. 

There are I imagine lots of reasons for starting a photographic website. An interest in Photography would be an obvious one. This could involve the process of photography itself or an interest in the gear. Dpreview is the most well-known of these sites, with a huge readership. As I'm sure people are aware the site was bought by Amazon a while ago. The site carries advertising. However it is reasonably discrete. If Amazon own the site, then you would expect it to carry advertising for that company. 

Despite rants from certain fanboy elements of bias towards one company or another, I've always had respect for the Dpreview reviews. If I have bought a camera that they have reviewed, I rarely have any major difference of opinion with them. They are also a good source of news for upcoming equipment releases. They restrict themselves to announcing official releases and don't concern themselves with the constant rumours that circulate the internet, though their forums are constantly full of speculation.

Dpreview is in the SITES YOU MIGHT ALSO ENJOY section here. It is there because its a site I visit frequently. Over the years I have found it useful, and often entertaining. 

The other two sites in that section are from individuals. One is Ken Rockwell. Ken is a bit like Marmite. He seems to polarise opinion. I like his website, I like the fact he is opinionated, I like the fact that he makes mistakes and changes his mind. His site is a mine of information and he obviously spends a lot of time researching and reviewing. Above all he's a good read. Some people seem to think he's either the devil or a money grabbing charlatan with an ego the size of a planet. He may well be, but he's fun and has a passion for photography, two things that go a long way in how I regard someone.

The other is Phillip Bloom. I became interested in his site after starting to work with video enabled DSLR's. Over time his site had become much more commercialised and I get the feeling that its almost becoming his main source of income. However he is still a good read and obviously a seriously good cameraman. His short demo films are often extraordinarily beautiful and again show that passion and commitment.

There are lots of other sites around. Like the rumour sites, which I treat as a guilty pleasure. A bit like chocolate. I know I shouldn't but I just can't help myself. There are also the sites of certain photographic pundits, which I'm less enthusiastic about. Some seem to demonstrate a degree of unwarranted arrogance and self-importance that I find difficult to read. 

A lot of these sites carry advertising. While not particularly keen on this, I'm prepared to tolerate it if means the site wouldn't exist without it. Some sites are a full-time undertaking. For those situations the money for clicks situation is probably the only way to be able to keep these sites running and generate an income for their owners. Whether they are multi-millionaires because of this or just getting by I wouldn't really know. 

As an experiment I tried the Google monetise option here for a couple of days, which involved some small ads appearing on the blog. It certainly didn't generate any income and I wasn't particularly happy about the companies that Google posted. Lets just say that some have reputations for not being entirely honest about the pricing and availability of the products they advertise. I didn't want to be associated with them.

This blog is certainly not my living. I have a full-time job and at the moment things are going well, so I have no need to make money from this. There's a slight cost involved in the fees for the sites that host the images, videos and raw files such as Flickr, Vimeo and my Mac webspace. This is hardly a substantial amount however. 

So I'm only going to be writing here from now on. Pieces that I wrote for my short excursion elsewhere have been removed and are now situated here. There's a list of links below. I like the freedom to write what I want, and I don't want to be involved in anything that compromises that because of other considerations. I don't imagine that I'll ever get sent boxes of equipment to review, and I certainly won't be offering you the opportunity to get "advice" from any retailer. For better or worse this is what it is. It won't make me (us) any money, and it may remain relatively small-scale and little known. It will also be like me, flawed, uncertain and occasionally confused (speak for yourself!! - A & B) but also I would hope, honest and written with passion and commitment for the activity that pays my mortgage and inspires me every day, photography.


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