More thoughts on the Canon 60D

Yesterday I complained about the initial RRP of the Canon 60D. While understanding the actual in-store price will fall, not everybody waits to buy cameras until they are at optimum price. 

I'm not alone in my criticisms of this camera. On some forums there are lots of critical posts (more I think than I've ever seen for any new Canon camera) expressing disappointment as people have been waiting for this level of camera to upgrade to. From 40D, 50D etc.

To me the 60D looks very like what I would expect a 600D to be but set at a higher price point. Also here in the UK prices don't drop as much as they used to as dealers are working on lower profit margins.

I see very few advantages over the 550D. The articulated screen is one, but surely a 600D will have that too. Slightly faster shooting and AF and that's about it. I get very suspicious when manufacturers start introducing lots of silly software features in an upgrade. The In-camera raw development, Subject modes with 'Ambience Selection' (Standard, Vivid, Soft, Warm, Intense, Cool, Brighter, Darker and Monochrome)
In-camera Creative Filters (special effects)
seem tacked on just to make it different. How many people will see these and think "I've got to have that camera"?

I'm not that bothered by plastic bodies but to some people its an issue. The main criticism levelled by most people is that this level of Canon camera has been "dumbed down" and that those people who go on a regular upgrade path, maybe missing out a model, are disappointed that the camera isn't closer to a 7D. The 7D IS obviously the contributing factor here. As an APS-C version of the 5DMKII its part of a different range to the 40D, 50D etc. and it seems Canon want to "protect it" I imagine mainly because its such a good seller for them. Making the 60D too close to the 7D would obviously hit 7D sales, so it seems that Canon have made the choice to keep the 60D at a "lower level" To me, and to others, this puts the 60D into some kind of "no-mans-land" where it has neither the price for features advantage of the 550D or the pro-spec for APS-C advantage of the 7D.

On a personal level I was expecting a lower initial price and expecting the construction of the camera to be more like a 50D. I was therefore considering replacing my 550D with a 60D. The articulated screen is very useful for video, for which I would use the camera as much as for stills. Since I'm constantly working and using the gear I own, I do usually buy a camera as soon as it comes out, to take advantage of the new features ASAP. However since the only advantage to me I can see is the articulated screen I have to decide whether that is worth it.

I also have to be aware of the resale value of any camera that I buy and since I believe that most of whats in the 60D will appear in a 600D, unless Canon get seriously silly, that makes me think that I could loose a fair amount of money on it.

I was beginning to warm to Canon again after the 550D and 7D but this release seems to indicate that they are back to their old habits again. Deliberately restricting camera features to protect the rest of their range.