Light after rain

Olympus E-P2 14-42 Kit Lens Zoom

One of the few advantages of heavy rain is the intense light that can often follow it. Yesterday we were subjected to a severe pounding from a storm followed by a burst of bright sunshine. 

Throughout this second half of the summer the Jet Stream seems to have twisted into an extraordinary shape that is causing severe weather problems over the Northern Hemisphere. The heat wave in Russia and the floods in Pakistan are catastrophic events causing death and destruction. By comparison our less than wonderful summer is trivial by comparison.

As a landscape photographer I've always been a keen student of the weather and there's not a day goes by without me studying the forecast. I try to get as much information on future trends as possible in order to plan ahead for shoots. 

Clear blue skies and settled conditions are great for travel photography as they present places in the best possible way. Who would want to go on holiday to a place that was depicted with stormy skies and shafts of intense sunlight? Probably only landscape photographers!

I've created some of my favourite photographs in less than ideal conditions.

GF1 + 7-14

Nikon D3X 24mm f2 MF lens

Nikon D3X 24mm f2 MF lens

Pentax *ist D 77mm f1.8 limited lens. Multi Image Panoramic Stitch

Getting the above shots required running for cover at some point to avoid getting soaked and they are undeniably very dramatic pictures. Its usually more of a pleasure to look at pictures like this than to take them but extreme weather and theatrical lighting are elements that contribute to special and rare images. 

The world is experiencing some spells of cataclysmic weather. The causes of this are the subject of intense and controversial debate. In global terms the UK is a pretty benign country, even though our preoccupation with the weather is well known. We are probably the greatest complainers about the climate anywhere. Its always too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry. Considering what the rest of the world has to put up with, I've always thought that we're pretty lucky with what we get. 

To conclude a couple more shots from yesterday - taken from the comfort of my loft. One showing the intense light that often appears after a storm and the other showing my steaming roof as the warm sun burnt off the moisture.

Olympus E-P2 14-42 Kit Lens Zoom

Olympus E-P2 14-42 Kit Lens Zoom

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