Change of direction?

Currently we are preparing an article on gear websites with particular reference to one we were involved with. It has made us think seriously about where we are going with this blog. We have tended recently to concentrate on the equipment side of things. Mostly out of a reluctance to get involved in the minefield of photographic philosophy and aesthetics. 

We also dislike pretension, and are careful to avoid any notion of lecturing. However we feel that there are probably enough places where you can get a comparison of cameras and lenses and we are intending to change the emphasis more towards what we were trying to achieve, how successful we thought we were and the many other things that drive our work and our passion. We won't be ignoring the equipment that we use, but recent experiences have left a bad taste in the mouth of one of us specifically in regard to an almost exclusive concentration on the means of producing pictures, rather than the pictures themselves. 

Even we sometimes loose sight of the fact that its the photographs that really matter and not the cameras and lenses. We have been through an 18-month period of enormous change on the equipment front, with a gradual change from a DSLR centred workflow to a way of working that has involved smaller, lighter and simpler cameras. This has tended to dominate our thinking and has led to a lack of emphasis on what is really important to us, the creation of images. We also feel that we have been up a few blind alleys recently, including the unpleasant experience for one of us of getting involved with a venture that we now feel ashamed to have been associated with.

We are resolved to return more to the things we love, our work, our passion, our commitment to the second great love of our lives - photography.