50mm = 3 lenses??

A 50mm standard lens on a Leica M9 can be very versatile.

By taking a series of images


and combining them in software


a wide angle view is obtained.



This can be done in such a way that gives no clue to the fact that a combination of images have been used to create the final picture.

An advantage of this method is that some of the distortions present in wide-angle lenses are avoided.

It also creates a very high resolution file. In both the examples above files of 100MB + were created.

Because of the quality of the M9 sensor and the 50mm Zeiss Planar f2 lens used here it is also possible to crop images while still retaining very good image quality.



Using one lens, and in particular a 50mm standard lens on the M9 is not as restrictive as it may seem at first. 

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