Serious Compacts

Amin Sabet, the founder of the excellent site has asked me to become involved in his new project

I was pleased to accept this invitation and am pretty excited about this new addition to the photographic internet community.

Those who have spent any time on this blog will know of my enthusiasm for the remarkable new small cameras emerging from companies such as Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Ricoh and Leica. Those who like me, are looking for quality without bulk, now have serious alternatives to the DSLR and judging from the popularity of these systems and the lively activity generated by discussions of these cameras, I am not alone in this.

This new site will include, forums, blogs, news, rumours, reviews and deals available. The emphasis is on the use of small(er) cameras and the opportunity they give for serious, quality photography without the need to carry heavy equipment around.

Amin and I hope that you will come and visit, and contribute your experiences, opinions and above all your images.


"These days it seems that many people associate serious photography with the use of large, heavy gear. Our site features discussion and testing of the remarkable compact tools available to photographers. We also highlight some of the outstanding work being done with this gear.

In the past two years, we have seen widespread changes in the landscape of compact cameras. While the most basic compact cameras are being replaced by camera phones, cameras like the Panasonic LX3, Ricoh GRD III, Canon S90, Sigma DP2, and Leica X1 have continued to push the limits of fixed lens, small camera capability. Meanwhile, the mirrorless interchangeable lens systems from Olympus, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sony, and Samsung are bringing tremendous versatility in ever smaller form.

Although we are naturally interested in the latest, advanced compact gear, the focus of this site is on quality photography achieved with any compact cameras, whether "advanced" or otherwise."

Amin Sabet