Fisheye Lenses

This is a video shot with a Panasonic GH1 and the new 8mm Fisheye lens. As per usual my reaction to fisheye lenses is a few seconds of "Oh thats interesting" followed by "Well thats enough of that" I've tried a few in my time, even bought a couple, but they never lasted long.

The question has been asked by many people, including myself, as to why Panasonic have spent their time developing and manufacturing a (very expensive) niche product when the photographic community who are seriously interested in m4/3 are clamouring for fast prime lenses.

How come we get the 8mm before the 14mm f2.5? Just how many of these do Panasonic think they will sell? Do they imagine that we'll all rush out and buy one of these and "bendy" distorted images will sweep the world?

Do companies take note of what gets discussed and requested on the internet? I assumed that they did. However how many of you have read posts by people saying that they can't live without an 8mm fisheye? I may have been missing something, but I haven't seen any. I've lost count of the numbers of posts I've seen saying how much people would love a 12mm f2 or 10mm f2.8 that has the same IQ as the 20mm f1.7. I'd certainly put myself on the list for that.

However we get the 8mm. It was always on the Panasonic roadmap, so we shouldn't be surprised. I'm just disappointed that Panasonic chose this as their next lens release. Maybe it will become the "must have" lens of 2010, though I somehow doubt it.

I would say however that the video is nicely shot.