Canon 550D- DSLR's and "compact" cameras.

Canon 550D 85mm f1.8

Canon 550D 10-22mm Zoom

Canon 550D 10-22mm Zoom

Its been a while since I used the Canon 550D on a stock photography shoot. After using smaller and lighter cameras for a long time, the 550D with its speedy AF and instant shutter seemed like another world. It was quite exhilarating for a while.

I used an 85mm f1.8 (curious cat) which was excellent as usual, and the 10-22mm zomm f3.5-4.5 USM (bridge and house) which seemed to produce great results on initial inspection, but after a closer look revealed some unnatractive properties.

This image looks fine.

This is a detail from the centre.

Nice and sharp - nothing wrong with that.

However this is the top right hand corner.

This is the right edge.

Its not as if this is an isolated case. Every Canon zoom I've ever used, from kit zooms to L series has had really nasty CA and purple fringing.

OK its shot at f3.5 and 10mm, but shouldn't a zoom costing £600 perform better than this?

On the use of "compact cameras" Charlie Waite, he of the Hassleblad 6x6 tripod mounted Velvia 50 landscape persuasion had just released a DVD extolling the virtues and quality of compact cameras.

This is his YouTube video.

This follows on from the David Clapp review of the GF1 earlier in the year.

To which he's added this piece:-